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Older people including people with Dementia
People with physical disabilities
People with sensory loss, including those with dual sensory impairment
People with mental health problems
People with learning disabilities
People with terminal illnesses

  • To enable individuals to maintain their independence.
  • To provide individuals with information to enable them to make informed choices
  • To provide assistance with daily tasks to support their independence and prevent individuals from feeling helpless
  • Assess needs, plan and deliver all support in a way which meets the needs of the individual and respects their wishes
  • To provide seamless services which link with other providers of support
  • To support individuals to retain their dignity by continuing to live their chosen lifestyle for as long as they wish, and are physically and mentally able to do so
  • To provide services which are accessible to all
  • To provide a service that fully satisfies the needs and expectations of individuals in their own homes
  • To respect the individuality of our Service Users
  • To actively seek and value the contribution made by informal Carers, families and relevant others in care planning
  • To actively seek, and respond positively to feedback from our Service Users, their families and carers, other health and social care professionals and our own staff
  • To continuously seek ways in which our services can be improved
  • To protect our Service Users and Staff from hazards and abuse whilst respecting their right to take measured risks
  • To build and retain a stable, committed and highly trained workforce
  • To ensure that the privacy and dignity of our clients is respected at all times. To have the whole team work together to achieve the highest level of care that is possible
  • Provide live -in care services


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